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.03 Providing Procurement Services

A Procurement Services Provider (PSP) is a third party organization or consultancy which is used to supplement internal procurement departments. PSP's have their own staffing which assist in a variety of tasks for their clients.

  • Sustainable savings through process excellence: SAYL Services provides advanced Procurement Outsourcing solutions that enable clients to rapidly improve their business performance. Our solutions help manage indirect and non-strategic spends through process excellence and they deliver sustainable long term savings to the bottom line.
  • Tailored commercial models: We understand that every business is different and thus we offer our clients a choice of different commercial models tailored to their specific needs. Our commercial models include outcome-based, transaction-based, headcount-based as well as a gain share model options.
  • Actionable insights and business intelligence: Critical data is transformed into actionable insights at WNS South Africa. Regular reporting is structured across all appropriate levels, customised to our clients’ needs. Our advanced business intelligence and management information solutions provide clients with all the critical information for making informed decisions and ensuring successful ventures.
  • World-class delivery location: South Africa has built a reputation for offering world class, high-end business process outsourcing services. This advantage is driven by a skilled workforce, a business-friendly climate and great overall value.

Through our supplier networks, SAYL Services provides business supplies from toilet paper to notepads to chairs and computers.

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