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.02 Providing skilled Employees

SAYL Services provide a valuable service to clients (business) and individuals (workers) as well as boosting the South African economy.

  • 1. SAYL Services can quickly source and assess skills required by a client who needs to upscale to take advantage of a business opportunity.
  • 2. The expertise and experience of SAYL Services is utilised to effectively manage supply & demand of skill, manage shift scheduling and all associated human resources administration and management, allowing them to focus on their core business.
  • 3. Client companies often make use of SAYL Services to manage skills development initiatives such as learnerships and apprenticeships, leveraging our expertise and administrative capacity.
  • 4. In cyclical business environments, our client companies make use of us to bring in additional workers when demand increases.
  • 5. All temps working for SAYL Services are covered under collective agreements and/or sectoral determinations and are therefore entitled to the Union-negotiated minimum wages and benefits that can include provident/pension, medical aid etc.
  • 6. Our contract workers earn often more than their permanent counterparts, in line with supply & demand of scarce skills.
  • 7. Our temporary employees are protected with all the same rights & statutory benefits as permanent employees whether under BCEA or various sectoral determinations/collective agreements.
  • 8. Workers receive ongoing training and development to ensure long-term employability and productivity.
  • 9. Many of our temps were previously unemployed.
  • 10. It takes on average 90 days for an individual to secure employment via SAYL Services and over 800 days when looking on their own.
  • 11. Since our establishment, hundreds of people have been introduced to the world of work by SAYL Services.
  • 12. Individuals who register with SAYL Services are exposed to a multitude of job opportunities that can be coordinated by our agency on their behalf.
  • 13. SAYL Services seek to secure ongoing work opportunities for their temps and often assist them in moving between sectors and employers to ensure consistent earning opportunities.
  • 14. Our workers receive skills development opportunities to assist them in improving their skills and increasing their employability.
  • 15. Our workers have employment security in that they can be easily transferred between sectors in the event that a specific industry is experiencing a downturn.
  • 16. SAYL Services are actively reducing unemployment by enabling access to the world of work, especially to young people (under 35 years old) who make up 83% of the temp workforce.
  • 17. SAYL Services are increasing the long-term employability of people through regular, structured, skills development initiatives.
  • 18. We facilitate sector transitions, moving workers from depressed sectors to those that are thriving.
  • 19. We provide client companies with access to suitable workers, within short timeframes, so as to take advantage of business opportunities.
  • 20. The Temporary Employment Services industry generates more than R40 billion per year, resulting in additional revenue for the Government in the form of taxes and VAT.
  • 21. The Temporary Employment Services industry directly employs nearly 20 000 people and on average daily over 1 million temp workers.

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